TO RENEW sklenarstvi-prazan.cz (Expires on 2022-07-06):

This message is to bring to your attention that your invoice number 429804549 is OVERDUE. sklenarstvi-prazan.cz due for renewal 2022-07-06* is SUSPENDED. Please send payment AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid any TERMINATION of service to sklenarstvi-prazan.cz.

Please note that if no payment is made in the next 3 business days, your data will be purged and deleted.

TO RENEW sklenarstvi-prazan.cz:

Disclaimer notice: We can not be held legally liable for any claims, damages or loss that you may incur because of the suspension of sklenarstvi-prazan.cz. Any such damages may potentially include but are not exclusively limited to: fiduciary losses, deleted data without backups, loss of results in search rankings, missed appointments, undelivered email and any other technical, business or service damage that you may incur. For further reference please refer section 12.d.3.f of our Terms of Use.

This is the final renewal message that we are legally required to send out with reference to the expiration of sklenarstvi-prazan.cz.


All online services will be restored automatically on sklenarstvi-prazan.cz upon receipt of payment. We thank you for your urgent attention and continued business.
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